The Analytics reports provide you with insights into your viewers, their useage and behaviours.

Overview tab 

The overview tab provides you with insights about your target audience.

Reports in the Overview tab:


The summary report describes by date an overview of views and renders.

Renders – Total number of video generating requests

Unique Device Views – The different number of distinct devices/browsers used to view the video

Number of Videos Viewed  - Total number of unique video views

Views – Total number of times the video was watched

Views by Devices

This pie chart represents views by devices and browsers.

Views by Location

The map indicates the viewers'geographical location

Views per hours

Indicates when the view occurred according to the day of the week and hour of the day

Behavior tab

The Behavior tab reports are a subset of Analytics that focuses on the viewer's interaction or engagement at each touchpoint - landing page and video Player.

Reports in the Behavior tab:

User Reaction

Total number of clicks on the Call To Action buttons (categorized by each one of the defined buttons)

Views Progress

This graph indicates the engagement of users with the video.  Each bar represents how many people viewed the video at each point (for example 5 people watched the video 100% of the way until the end)

Watch this video for a detailed explanation of the Analytics Reports: