This service will no longer be available after February 29th

Idomoo is introducing our Email Template Builder as a fast and easy way to send emails to your customers directly from the Storybuilding Suite. The Email Template Builder tool simplifies the process of creating a personalized video and distributing it:

- It allows you to build an email using a pre-made template.

- The pre-made template is flexible, multi-functional, and fully responsive to suit all common devices and browsers.

- Makes creating a campaign and distributing videos very easy!



The end-user's attention is initially caught by the email that the client receives. The email leads clients to the Landing Page and to the personalized video.  Using Idomoo’s Email Template, clients will be able to enhance the experience for their brand. The final result is an email to the end-user.  The email is sent by a third party company, Mandrill, but is conveniently administrated through the Storybuilding Suite.


Usage Options

Email Template Builder consists of two main parts: designing the email template and set-up for sending. The Email Template Builder can be used to

send out emails via two options:

 1. Up to 15  minutes after when the batch of videos is finished generating

 2. On a schedule of your choice including date and time. 


Read more about email templates flow, options and limitations in the attached file