Idomoo player is based on JWplayer, we (Idomoo) do not save any cookie, but JW might do.

If google analytics is defined they may save some cookies too.

JWPlayer cookies

List of cookies that may be used by JW Player, according to JW Player documentation:

  1. Jwplayer.position removed when the video playback is complete or in 7 Days  HTTP Cookie

  2. Jwplayer.volume removed within 7 days HTTP Cookie

  3. Jwplayer.mute removed within 7 days HTTP Cookie

  4. Jwplayer.qualitylabel removed within 7 days HTTP Cookie

  5. jwplayer.caption removed within 7 days HTTP Cookie

  6. Flash cookie (Cookie LSO) - JWPlayer may use Flash and similar technologies to enable video playing. However, JWPlayer don’t use those technologies (e.g., Flash cookies) for advertising or analytics purposes.

Google Analytics cookies

Google analytics analytics.js sent the following cookies (if sending analytics to Google is enabled):

Cookie name

Expiration Time



2 years

Used to distinguish users


10 minutes

Used to throttle request rate

Idomoo cookies 

Idomoo doesn't use any cookie.