Introduction to Idomoo's API

Use the API to generate a video when a user logs in to the system after a long time of absence; to launch birthday greetings at the start of each day; to create a video from an article on request and so on.
Idomoo's API is designed for developers or anyone who’s comfortable creating custom-coded solutions. The API is designed using standard HTTP (RESTful) protocols and can be implementaed using a variety of programming languages and frameworks.

The API includes two main levels:

  • Metadata API: allowing to enquire about scenes, storyboards, your account. This also includes the ability to upload scenes.
  • Generate API: allowing to generate a video by using either a pre-made storyboard or by editing scenes together on-the-fly. Choosing to create a storyboard using Storybuilding Suite means you only need the data itself, as the storyboard already includes the artistic and logical decisions for the video. With scenes, you, the developer, is handling the scene selection logic, as well as, the data and other artistic decisions.

Previous Versions

Idomoo's API is now at version 2. Find the previous API's documentation here.

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