When the API finds a problem with a request, it produces an error. Find a list of errors Idomoo's platform produces in this article.

Error Message Structure

All error messages follow the same basic structure:

  • "status" - The status of the request, which can be one of the following:
    • GENERATION_FAILED - for failed generation calls.
    • Error - for other failed calls.
  • "errors" - An array of error objects.
    • error_code - A number for the error, for easy identification.
    • error_message - A title for the error.
    • error_description - A full description of the error.
  • "request_id" - An identification number specific to this API call.

Any code you write to catch errors should only refer to the Error Code. Idomoo reserves the right to change the Error Description at any time.

Here's an example:

    "status": "Error",
    "request_id": "2953.1543493394.410.437.5142054",
    "errors": [
            "error_code": 5200,
            "error_message": "Authorization error",
            "error_description": "This Account Does Not Have Permission To Use Scene Library: 111."

As our API is asynchronous, error might happen even after a successful call. Read more about that in this article.

Schema Error Descriptions

Schema error descriptions are automatically generated and follow a strict set of rules. They only apply to video generation calls and refer to the body of the call. Simply put, they point the user to a specific location in the json body and give information as to what's wrong with it. Here's an example:

    "status": "GENERATION_FAILED",
    "errors": [
            "error_code": 2030,
            "error_message": "Schema validation",
            "error_description": "Schema error: $.output.video[0].video_type: is missing but it is required"
    "request_id": "2958.1543488224.525.487.4855982"

API Errors Reference

Error CodeError MessageError Description
20GeneralBummer! We do try to get good error messages, but sometimes the unexpected happens. Please wait a few moments and try again. If the problem persists, contact Idomoo support.
30Data ValidationData validation error has occurred.
40JsonThe API request is invalid or improperly formed.
50JsonJSON is malformed. Can not construct: <<type>> from the value: <<json_value>>. Please check API documents.
419Data Validation errorKey '<<key>>' on scene '<<scene_id>>' sent more than once. Key of the same type can be sent only once per scene.
422Data validation'overlay' property is missing in the definition of mp4/jpg/gif format.
423Data validation'palette' property is defined but is missing.
426Data validationgif 'start' valid range is from 0 to video duration.
428Data validationgif 'duration' valid range is from 0 to video duration.
429Data Validation errorjpg 'time' valid range is from 0 to video duration.
437API ValidationFrame per second does not match in all requested scenes.
441Data ValidationThe value specified in 'unique_scene_id' property in scene '<<sceneId>>' is not unique or do not exist.
449Conflict errorThe properties 'start_time_in_seconds' and 'start_time_offset_unique_scene_id' or 'start_time_offset_seconds' are in conflict.
450Conflict errorThe properties 'duration_upto_unique_scene_id' and 'duration_in_seconds' or 'duration_referrer' are in conflict
461API_ValidationIn scene '<<sceneID>>' the following keys: '<<durationReferrerkeys>>' are defined as 'duration_referrer'.
462Data Validation errorScene '<<sceneId>>' starts after the end of the unique scene.
463Data Validation errorScene '<<sceneId1>>' and scene '<<sceneId2>>' pointing to each other to shorten their length.
495API_ValidationInvalid 'accound_id', 'token' combination
499Data validationInput value '<<request_value>>' was not in the expect format '<<request_pattern>>'.
1200Data validationValue specified in the 'format' property is unsupported.
1540API_ValidationThis account does not have permission to use scene '<<sceneId>>' or this scene doesn't exist.
1550API_ValidationThis account does not have permission to use this storyboard or this storyboard doesn't exist.
1560API_ValidationThis account does not have permission to use storage '<storge_id>'.
1570API_ValidationThis account does not have permission to use this landing page '<<landingPageID>>'.
1580API_ValidationThis account does not have enough credits to perform this request.
1600API_ValidationThis account does not have permission to use those scenes: 'sceneIds'
1610API_ValidationThe request arrived from an unauthorized IP address.
1620API_ValidationWrong account credentials settings.
1630API_ValidationThis request was blocked because it exceeded your account concurrency limit.
1640API_ValidationThis request was blocked because it exceeded your account daily allowance.
1650API_ValidationThe value for 'statistic_id' was formatted incorrectly. It should be a set of 0-9, A-Z characters.
1660API_ValidationThe value for 'video_file_name' was formatted incorrectly. It should be a set of 0-9, A-Z, a-z characters,From 2 Up to 128 characters.
1670API_ValidationAll scenes in a video must be created in either Scene Tools or Space Tools. Not a combination.
1700General ErrorUnrecognized Error Encountered during Clip Generation
1720General ErrorErrors Encountered while trying to preform tasks against the Entity-Manager
2030Schema validationSchema error: <<schema_error>>
2040Data Validation errorThe character/s '<<text>>' in key '<<key>>' do not exist in font '<<font_name>>'.
3110Data ValidationNo scene has matched the storyboard business logic
3120Data ValidationThe resource pointed by <<parameter>> is inaccessible or corrupted.
3130Data ValidationThe value of '<<key>>' mapped to non existing mapping value and fallback is not set.
3150Scene id is missingScene id: <<SceneID>> is missing
3160Storyboard id is missingStoryboard is missing
3170Data ValidationThe file format of '<<parameter>>' is from a wrong type.
4000Settings_errorSome of your storyboard settings are missing. Please contact support
5020Data ValidationThere is more than one mp4/hls/jpg/gif formats in the call. suffix must be added.
5030Data ValidationSame 'suffix' appear more than once for output '<<parameter>>''
5120Validation errorAutorization Headers Missing authentication_token and/or account_id
5130Authorization errorThis account does not have permission to use scene <<scene_id>> or this scene doesn't exist
5140Authorization errorThe request does not carry sufficient authentication credentials
5150Authorization errorHttp Request Autorization Headers are missing, Please refere to Idomoo Api Refrence
5160caption errorThe expected time format is HH:mm:ss.SSS Given: <<caption>>
5170caption errorCaption text file contains the following invalid character: <<captionFile>>
5175Data Validation errorThe request must contain the 'height' property
5180Data Validation errorValue of 'height' must be a number larger than 0.
5220Data Validation errorIncompatible request type with IDM version
5240Authorization errorThe request failed because this API mode do not exist

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