Idomoo is proud to introduce its player 2.0, a new generation of personalized video playing experience.

Just like the old generation Idomoo player (player 19) it is designed to perfectly fit the Idomoo platform and it keeps on updating to align with browser policies that are changing from time to time.

The new Idomoo Player 2.0 is lighter, more flexible and provides many more options.

Player Look:

Main Features:

  • Built for real-time generated personalized video

  • Guarantees consistent viewing experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop

  • Support all type of video formats (Vertical, Horizontal, Square...)

  • Slick and updated design

  • Optimized user experience

  • Enables quick implementation into existing or new web pages

  • Has a built-in integration with Idomoo analytics

  • Offers extended and diverse personalization options

  • Idomoo Player Actions support