When a storyboard setup process is done (see project timeline documentation), videos can be generated by uploading a data file containing the required customer data.

A file is uploaded via a secured file transfer protocol (i.e. SFTP) into a dedicated account.

Upon loading, the system identifies the incoming data file and triggers the video generation process.

Upon batch generation process complete, the system generates a response PURL file containing the URLs (links) to the personal videos.

SFTP technical aspects:

  1. The customer uses a dedicated SFTP account provided by Idomoo support team.
  2. This account is used for all data transfer between Idomoo and the customer.
  3. The file transfer account contains two main directories:
    1. “Upload” – the directory where the client should upload the data file into
    2. “Download” – the directory where the PURL files are placed when the batch is ready.

Data file technical aspects:

File must be encoded as UTF-8 or Windows-1252 and can only be one of the following types: 
a.csv (with one of the following delimiters , ; | tab) 
b.tsv (with one of the following delimiters , ; | tab) 
c.txt (with one of the following delimiters , ; | tab) 
d.dat (with one of the following delimiters , ; | tab) 
e.zip of one of the types abov