1. Back end system call – an event triggers the API call. This event can be caused by another system event like “time to send a bill to the customer”, “new customer has joined the system”, “customer just logged in – display an offer” etc. The backend system handles the API response and triggers the next step accordingly (i.e. send an email to the customer)
  2. User form - the user fills in a form on a website, the form generates a backend event that calls to the API . The video is displayed in the page (or in an overlay)
  3. Facebook application – a user is approaching a “Facebook Application” web page and pressing the “Facebook connect” button.  The application gathers the relevant data from Facebook (i.e. user profile picture) and generates a call to the API. The application handles the response and displays the video. In addition, the application enables sharing the video on the user’s wall.