**The Landing Page Builder is deprecated, Replaced by Page Creator**

After configuration and design of the landing page, it’s time to test it and, later on, to implement it.

On the right window menu there are two icons, one for preview, and the other for exporting the HTML code.

Preview options:

- Preview (SD resolution)

- Mobile Preview

Export options:

- Export HTML Page

Export Player Only

Both preview buttons show a landing page preview on a new tab, in just the same way the end-user will get the landing page, both in functionality and look and feel.


Export HTML Page starts a download of a ZIP file that contains all code needed (CSS folder and image folder). All that’s left for the user is to paste the code on his or her servers in its desired location.

Export Player starts a download of a ZIP file that contains player code. All the user needs to do is paste the code in the desired location on a landing page the user created.