Introduction to Idomoo's API

The purpose of the Idomoo PVaaS API is to give a programatic interface to Idomoo's platform. This includes three main levels:

  • Metadata API: allowing to enquire about scenes, storyboards, your account. This also includes the ability to upload scenes.
  • Storyboard API: allowing to generate a video by using a pre-made storyboard. You only need the data itself in this case. The storyboard already includes the artistic and logical decisions for the video.
  • Scene API: allowing to generate a video without a pre-made storyboard, by editing scenes together on-the-fly. You, the developer, is handling the logic. The data and other artistic decisions are also handled by you.

Use the API to generate a video when a user logs in to the system after a long time of absence; to launch birthday greetings at the start of each day; to create a video from an article on request and so on.

Idomoo's API is designed for developers or anyone who’s comfortable creating custom-coded solutions. The API is designed using standard HTTP (RESTful) protocols and can be implementaed using a variety of programming languages and frameworks.

Previous Versions

Idomoo's API is now at version 2. Find the previous API's documentation here.