Idomoo keep maintaining the latest released version of the player. The current latest version is 2.1

You'll be able to continue using our older players past their end of life dates, but no support will be given for them. There will no longer be any development work or fixes done on players past their end of life date. We strongly recommend for users to update to the latest player version.

Available versions:

Version NumberSupported UntilVersion Highlights
2.1TBD- Advanced social sharing
- Video customization support
- Support for keyboard navigation
- GIF support
2.0TBD- New lighter version
- Advanced technology
- New design
19August 31th,2020
- Player alignment bug, removing padding around the player

*Note - This affect the player position inside the landing page* 

18December 31th,2018- Better Handling of Browser Autoplay Policies. Read more here
- Improved user experience on mobile devices.
- Interactive chapters
17November 15th, 2018- Player default configuration is auto starting on mute, aligned with industry standard.
- Removed Adobe Flash dependency to fix HLS playback issues.
15July 15th, 2018- Video format detection.
- No PHP dependencies.