Images can change from video to video when creating personal videos with Idomoo. This has many uses, from showing a product that's in the mail to you, the phone you just got, or a picture of your personal sales manager. But aside from images you can also use imagery to change graphics, such as icons, backgrounds, bar graphs and much more.
To do this follow these steps:

  • Prepare all the images you need in Photoshop or some such application. Follow the best practices below to make sure the images are the right size.
  • Import one of the images you prepared, or a specific placeholder image, in After Effects to create the animation needed
  • After packaging the scene and checking it, upload it to the StoryBuilding Suite, but don't forget to upload all the images to the assets of the same scene library.

Use something like this as your default image

Best Practices

Here are some best practices to follow when preparing images to be used in personal videos:

  • Use PNG as your file format for images, though JPG and WebP are supported as well.
  • Though maximum placeholder resolution is 2048 X 2048, dynamic image size can be of any resolution.
  • Always prepare all interchangeable images in the same resolution. Pad with transparency if needed. This is in order to give you the most amount of control over placement.
  • Prepare images close to 100% scale they are used in. Preparing an image 800x800 resolution then using it at 50% scale is wasteful. Reduce the image size to 400x400 and use at 100% scale.
  • The image file name can only hold a-z, A-Z and 0-9 and _. No spaces or any other kind of space replacements are allowed.

The image is used in 235x235 resolution, so prepare all the images in that same resolution

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