Player 2.4.5

Release Date | March 26th, 2024

Accessibility Improvements

  • Now it's possible to configure the visible text or alternative text used to label the video player. This label is announced after activating the Play button. 

    • Added a parameter to the player named "descriptive_title"

    • The value of the parameter can include alphanumeric characters, spaces, underscores, and dashes.

Bug fixes

  • The "share_link" configuration functions correctly, opening the share link as needed for both liv and non-liv videos. (Liv link is created for evergreen videos that update upon viewing) 

  • The progress bar becomes disabled after a few seconds in a specific configuration.

  • Player to send all  statistics notifications with the same session_id for the same session (period of continuous interaction with a video being played in the Idomoo player. A session ends five minutes after interaction stops, or if the landing page is closed. )

Player 2.4.4

Release Date | Feb 18th, 2024

New Features

  • Customize the downloaded video file name with parameters (from the URL or a saved words) so that downloaded files from the player can be better organize and easier to identify instead of using the generic “my_video”

    • Saved words:

  1. date_time: This format includes both the date and time, helpful for precise tracking. Example: "25 Aug 2023, 1153" or "7 Feb 2024 at 1534" (dd MMM YYYY, HHMM) 

  2. date: Just the date for simplicity. Example: "2023-10-11" (YYYY-MM-DD).

Accessibility Improvements

  • Updating player color palate to help viewers distinct easily between selected options within menus and bars.

Better User experience

  • Full screen - The control bar will not always be visible. Instead, it should appear only when clicking on the video area and fade out after 3 seconds, regardless of the configuration. (like when the parameter fade_control_bar_on _pause is true)

  • Implement loading GIF to appear while password is been checked for password-protected videos

  • Update twitter share icon with the new x icon

Bug fixes

  • Allowing player implementation without the ‘player_options’ script. The default player options will be used, as explained here

  • Control bar to fade out after 3 seconds unless the cruiser hovers over it, or one of the submenus (sound / share / cc) are open.

  •  Chapter value statistics breaks when chapter name contain spaces or special characters

  • “Living video” with interactions did not work. Interactivity lost when the new living video was created.

  • On mobiles - ‌ The share button is now clickable if it is visible on the control bar, same as if it is under the 3 dots menu.

  • On Windows & Android, "fade_control_bar: false" function again (the control bar was fading).

  • Copy link of living video fixed to copy the original link and not sublinked of a video that was created from original.

  • On iOS - chapters navigation is not working properly: the wrong chapters "jumps" and displayed on the chapters bar.

  • On iOS 17, fixed the player to not zoom in when clicking on the copy button within the share buttons.

  • On IOS 17 full-screen mode, the captions are displayed across the entire screen.

Player 2.4.3

Release Date | Nov 27th, 2023

Security - Password-Protected Video Access

  • Secured access to a video content using a password protect player

Player 2.3.4

Release Date | Oct 28th, 2023

New Features

  • Control bar always on screen: a new feature that allows to keep the control bar always visible on the screen

Bug Fixes

  • We have addressed an issue where share buttons on the player (Facebook, X, Copy) were not reporting statistics correctly, ensuring accurate tracking of shared content.

  • Resolved issues related to 'visited placeholder' in mobile fullscreen and landscape mode

Player 2.3.3

Release Date | June 18th, 2023

Player accessibility Improvements

  • Improving the labeling of elements in the player to assist people with visual impairments or those using screen readers in understanding what different parts of the player are

Player 2.3.1

Release Date | April 30th, 2023

New Features

  • Improved the full-screen control functionality for iOS devices, ensuring a more immersive and consistent viewing experience

  • Player color updates to match the colors and transparencies of all the elements in the player and achieve proper contrast

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted captions positioning on Android devices to prevent them from appearing all over the player

Player 2.2.6

Release Date | September 12th, 2022

New Features

  • Player’s control bar position can be below the video, using the parameter toolbar_position: "low"

Video Page with low position video page with regular position.

  • Player can mark clicked interactive choices of the viewer, using the  parameter       visited_placheholder: true 

Demo can be seen here and a screenshot below (Screenshot shows what is like after the viewer clicked on ‘kids club’ option and got back again to the menu).

  • Downloaded file name can be changed using download_filename”parameter

  • Progress bar can be removed from control bar so viewer will not be able to navigate within the video

  • Player supports JWT authentication for HLS videos (Manual integration) 

Bug Fixes

  • Sharing or copying link will all result an mp4 format video even if video is HLS

  • iPhone- Full screen button is available for interactive videos

  • Android: long tap opens the right click menu & can't close it 

  • Old captions are displayed for newly created customized video from the in-player customization menu

  • Living video link will keep been living after creating new video from the in-player customization menu