Moving a text layer around is great. But it makes the text feel a bit rigid. When you want your text to be a little more playful, why not animated each individual character? Or word? In fact, there's lots more you can do with this feature.
In fact, in After Effects this feature is endless. Here at Idomoo we only support the best parts. Here's the definitive list.


Idomoo only support the Range Selector.


This is the list of all properties currently supported.

  • All Transformation Properties (2D only)
  • Line Spacing
  • Tracking
  • Character Offset (full unicode only)
  • Character Value (full unicode only)
  • Fill Color (RGB only)

Advanced Properties

Under the Range Selector, you can find the Advanced menu. Here's a list of what's supported in that list of properties.

  • Units: percentage only
  • Based on: all options supported
  • Mode: add only
  • Amount: all values supported
  • Shape: square only
  • Smoothness: all values supported
  • Ease low: 0 only
  • Easy high: 0 only
  • Randomize order: off