IDM Layer Styles is a version of Adobe's own layer styles and closely resembles those effects.
The effect doesn't have the same sub effects as Adobe's Layer Styles, only some of them. We are working on adding more. For now the only sub effects available are:

  1. Blending Options - change how the original image is used.
  2. Color Overlay - add a flat color on top of the image and control its opacity and blending mode.
  3. Stroke - add an outline around the image. Control its width, color, opacity and position.
  4. Drop Shadow - fake a simple shadow behind the image, with controls for distance, opacity, size, color and so on.
  5. Outer Glow - similar to drop shadow, but for use with brighter colors to create a fake halo effect, with controls for size, opacity, size and so on.

As this is an effect, it sits in a different location regarding the order of operations for an image layer than Adobe's version. Adobe's Layer Styles are added after transformations, while Idomoo's are added before transformations. Because of this, if you have a stroke value of 10, and you scale the layer to 50%, the stroke will shrink to appear to be a 5 pixel stroke. If you want the stroke to remain with a width of 10 pixels, you'll have to animate the stroke width yourself.
This is only true for image and video layers. Text layers behave the same way as Adobe's own Layer Styles.