In order to make video generation automatic Idomoo created an Apex Class that's easily accessible through Salesforce Business Automation tools.

The purpose of the Apex Class is to generate a video for a campaign member using a PV Project defined earlier. How to qualify which contact becomes a campaign member and how to distribute the video is not part of Idomoo's integration, but relies on the available tools you use in Salesforce for those purposes.

Here's an example of how to use this Apex Class.

Watch the Using Apex Code with Flows Video

Total running time: 3:25

Apex Class Specifications

The Apex Class has the following properties:

NameDescriptionMandatory Field
Idomoo__Generate_VideosThe name of the Apex Class to call
PV_Project_IDThe ID of the Idomoo PV project you want to generate videos for.Yes
SF_Campaign_IDThe ID of the campaign where the campaign members are.Yes
Contact_IDsThe contact IDs to generate videos for. Usually accessed through the flow itself using a formula.Yes
Send_Completion_EmailIf to send an email when video generation is done. This should not be used if generating videos one by one.Yes
Completion_Email_AddressWhat email address to use for generation submissionsNo