When a storyboard setup process is done (see project timeline documentation), videos can be generated by uploading a file containing the required customer data.

A CSV files is uploaded to the system under 'Generate videos' tab . 

Upon loading, the system identifies the incoming data file and triggers the video generation process.

Having trouble uploading your CSV file to the Idomoo platform? 
Here are a few things to check:

1. Make sure the CSV was saved using UTF-8 encoding and not UTF-8 with BOM or another CSV file type. This is one of the most common reasons that a file will not upload.

2. Use the CSV template whenever possible to ensure that your column headers match the parameters in your project exactly. Any variations and the data can't be properly mapped.

3. Double check your CSV file for rogue spaces or characters. Sometimes we see an extra space accidentally added to the column headers which can be hard to pinpoint if you're not looking for it.  

Upon batch generation process complete, the system generates a response file containing the URLs (links) to the personal video (PURL file).

The PURL file can be used as an input for a mass distribution system (i.e. email delivery system)

Note: Video and Thumbnail links are https and can not be changed to http.

Watch this video for a detailed explanation of generating videos in Batch Mode: