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The Idomoo platform's API is the best way for generating video in real-time. The relevant data for generating a video is transferred in a JSON structured request over HTTPS protocol.

API works in a non-storage form meaning the data temporarily resides in the process memory and is not being saved into any database or disk. Data is deleted from memory when the process terminates.

Security Features of the Idomoo API

Idomoo's API uses the industry standard OAuth2 for authentication. This is a powerful and secure framework that allows you to securely interact with Idomoo's API without sharing sensitive credentials.

On top of this, you can also add several other security measures:

  1. Whitelisting - You can whitelist any number of IP addresses, making those IP addresses the only ones from which Idomoo's API accepts requests.
  2. Request Signing - The API request can be authenticated by a request signature using a pre-set JWT encryption key.
  3. Request Body Encryption - The request body itself can be encrypted by you before sending the request. This uses Idomoo's JWKS keys to protect the potentially sensitive content present in the body.
  4. Response Body Encryption - The response body can also be encrypted by Idomoo allowing you to use your own JWKS keys to decrypt the body.

To activate any of those features go to your account setting here.

To learn more about these features, read about them in Idomoo's developers website.