Idomoo video generation platform hosts the video files ready to be watched in its internal hosting module.

The video storage is protected and permits only read access permission. 

Video files are accessible via HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

Video files are hosted for a limited period of time.

Video file naming

The video file name contains a unique identifier.

Each video request generated a video file with a unique id in its name. The unique Id can be provided as part of the video data whether it is being sent via the API or as additional field in the data file when using video generation by data file upload methodology.

It is recommended that this unique Id will be generated for the purpose of matching between the user and the video URL. In addition, the unique id should not be a “real-world” unique id such as social security number, telephone number etc.

Moreover, the unique id provided by the customer should not be a serial one but random or hashed value.

If a unique Id is not provided, the system will generate a unique Id according to the security recommendation and principals below.

The link to each video does not contain personal customer details. The identifier between user’s unique key and the video file ID will be hashed using strong one-way hash functions before data is sent to and from Idomoo.

The following is an example for hashing: Each video URL contains unique file name. The video file name includes a secured hash value processed by a cryptographic hash function such as SHA-256 (a 256-bit hash value, 32-byte) typically expressed as a 32-digit hexadecimal number. 

A typical SHA-256 value looks like that: f4bf9f7fcbedaba0392f108c59d8f4a3 

This action acts as mitigation for the risk of customer data exposure to hostile unauthorized attackers & fraud attempts.

Idomoo URL Structure

Video URL is structured as following to ensure uniqueness and alignment with security requirements:

  • Protocol – HTTP for plain traffic or HTTPS for SSL encrypted traffic.
  • Host server domain– The host location of the video file (i.e. .
  • Project Id – A value representing the specific project id in Idomoo platform. This value is the same one as defined in “pid” field for Clip Generation Action.
  • Batch Id/Clip Id – a value representing the Batch id in a case the video is part of a specific batch or Clip id in case the video was generated via API request.
  • Video unique Id – a hashed value of the video file. In case an “eid” parameter was sent via API in Clip Generation Action the value will be a hash of the value, In case “eid” was sent with “false” value of “eidh” parameter the value will be the “eid”. If nor “eid” and “eidh” parameters were passed in original clip generation request then the value will be a hashed value generated by the system.
  • Output format– Value representing the video file format. For example - mp4 or m3u8.


The full structure is as followed:

Protocol://<Host server domain>/<Project Id>/<Batch Id/Clip Id>/<Video unique Id>.<Output format>