Watch the Scene Library Overview Video

Total running time: 3:07

To understand the function of the Scene Library, you first need to understand what a scene is and why you would need to create one. A ‘Scene’ is the basic building block of a video. Each video includes one or more scenes configured together in a storyboard (Learn how to create a storyboard here).

Now you understand what a scene is, and why you would use one, it’s easy enough to understand that a Scene Library is a collection of these scenes, plus supporting media, all grouped together to make them easier to find.

What can be added to a Scene Library?

Any additional media you need for your project can be collated inside a scene library. These can include:

How to Create a Scene Library

You create and populate a new Scene Library by following the workflow below:

  1. When logged into your account, access Scene Libraries using the main menu on the left hand side.
  2. Now that you are in the Scene Library page, create a new scene library by clicking on the Create New Scene Library button in the upper left side of the interface.
  3. Once the page has loaded, you may use the tabs in the following ways:
    1. The first tab, Properties, allows you to give the library a name.
      Library thumbnails are automatically generated from a frame of the first scene you upload. If you want to use a specific image for the library's thumbnail, use the upload button to change the image.
    2. The second tab, Scenes, is used to upload any IDM files your artist has created in After Effects, by clicking on the upload button and browsing to the location of your IDM file.
    3. The third tab, Library Assets, is used to upload further media, such as music, voice overs or images to your scene library. Add media by clicking on New Folder to create a folder and name it. Once created, open the folder by double clicking it and then upload your files using the upload button.
    4. Click the left arrow to return to the root area of the folders. 
  4. When you have finished uploading assets to your Scene Library, click the yellow check mark on the right of the page to finalise the scene library. At this point you can also name the scene library.

Once this is done, the Scene library page will load, displaying the library you have just created. Now when you create a new storyboard, or edit an existing one, this scene library, with IDM files and media assets, will be easily available for you to find and use.