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Total running time: 1:15

Now that you finished packaging your scenes as IDM files, you should preview your work using the standalone application Scene Viewer.
To do so, follow these steps:

  1. To open an IDM file you can do one of three things:
    • Double click the IDM file, which opens Scene Viewer.
    • Open Scene Viewer by clicking the icon, then drag an IDM file on top of the interface.
    • With Scene Viewer open, click File > Open, navigate to the location of your IDM file and double click it.
  2. Click Play at the bottom of the preview area. If you want, you can click the loop button to enable it. The rest of the button as self explanatory.
  3. Hover your mouse button in the preview area. You can see green boxes come up showing the available placeholders. Right click somewhere in the preview area give you a list of all the placeholders in that location. Click one of the placeholder names.
  4. Once a placeholder is clicked, it is highlighted in the placeholder list on the left. You can use this list to choose what to populate your placeholders with. Type in text for a text placeholder, and click the button to choose an image for image placeholders.

Check your scene to make sure different types of data fit in nicely in the scene. Try long text strings and short ones. Different images that are wider or narrower, with or without transparency and so on.
If you find something that doesn't behave in the way you envisioned it, go back to After Effects, make the necessary changes, and re-package your scenes.

Once you have all the IDM scenes and you're happy with how they look, they are ready to be uploaded to the Storybuilding Suite. You can read about that in the Story Building Suite section.

You need an NVidia graphics card in order to run Scene Viewer. System requirements can be found here.

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