You can view the progress of video generation from the History menu. When a batch renders successfully, you can download a PURL file.

History menu

Status Icons

With the icons, you can see the status of each batch of videos.

Initializing, In Progress
Done with Errors

Download Personalized URL (PURL) File

The PURL file contains all data from the uploaded CSV file plus additional output columns. You receive a PURL file in response to every batch request. You can use the PURL file for mass distribution. For example, email delivery systems.

When the render status is Done or Done with Errors, you can download the PURL file. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Download button to download your PURL file.
  2. The PURL file is available for downloading by default for 30 days.

Filter Table by Status

The History table can be filtered by render status. Click the dropdown and choose a status.

Batch Details

With the Batch Details menu, you can see general information about each batch. For example, you can see the Statistic ID and Storyboard name. Click the General Info tab for details.

If a possible error occurs, you can see a summary of errors. You can download a report that includes the type of error and number of rows that the error occurred. Click the Errors tab for details.

  1. To get details about a specific batch click the details button at the far right of the batch row: 
  2. To get a full report of any errors, use the Download Report button at the bottom of the Errors tab.

Email Notification

When you are rendering a batch of videos, you receive two email notifications. Your email will also notify you if a possible error occurs. 

  • Batch file loaded successfully.
  • Batch summary for your storyboard.