Landing Builder Page is made up of two windows. The left window is the working area, and the right window is a preview window (showing the changes made on the left side). The working area is divided into seven tabs; each tab affects the other components.

Basic Tab

Here users can configure the landing page by filling in the following fields accordingly:

- Name of the landing page (for later recognition in the web)

- Main color and secondary color

- Background image (jpeg or png formats, 445 pixel Height)

- Logo

- Main title and secondary title (appears above the video)

- Main text

- Up to three call-to-action buttons that appear below the Player. Each button has its own text and links to a web address when clicked.

Social Tab

Social network icons are located just below the main text. Here users can add tabs to their brand’s social media accounts.

Next to each social network tab are user checkboxes for each desired tab that insert the URL of that social media account.

Footer Tab

Footer typically contains additional links to pages like Terms and Conditions, About, or related documents.

A maximum of four links can be added to the left-hand bottom of the landing page. User checkboxes enter text that will appear on the landing page and write the link web address.

Watch this video for a detailed overview of the Landing Page including the Basic Tab, Social Tab and Footer Tab:

Survey Tab

The Survey tab is related to the Player’s functionality.

You can embed a SurveyMonkey survey into the landing page by following these steps:

1. Build the survey on the SurveyMonkey website first.

2. In Landing Page Builder, insert the SurveyMonkey website collector code.

3. Choose the percentage of video viewing required for the survey to appear.

4. The survey will appear just below the Player. 

Note: The survey will only be displayed for customers who viewed the video more than the specified percentage.

Survey limitations:

-  Survey is not compatible with mobile devices or the Safari browser (OS X).

-  Safari browser (OS X) blocks the survey because it is different from the domain of the parent page. To enable the survey, the end-user needs to manually change “Disable block cookies and other website data” in Safari Browser’s Preferences.

Watch this video for a detailed explanation of the Survey Tab:

CTA Overlays Tab

User can add up to four different clickable images that appear on the video. Each image opens a web page when the viewer clicks on it.

Rule options for when images appear are as follows: 

- CTA button will appear only when video is paused.

- CTA button will appear only when user get to the end of the video.

- CTA button will appear in both cases.

Watch this video for a detailed explanation of the CTA Overlays Tab:

Font Tab

The default landing page template font is Roboto. The user can change the font simply pasting the Google fonts URL to the right place. All text, titles, and button fonts will change accordingly.

The Google fonts URL can be found under the Quick Use option that appears for every font family on

Watch this video for a detailed explanation of the Font Tab:

Customization Tab

This tab holds advanced capabilities.

By default, the landing page is hosted on Idomoo’s servers under an automatically generated link that looks like this:<landing page id/<landing page name>/index.html

The web page link will be displayed under the “Landing Page URL” field that appears on this tab.

The <landing page id> is automatically assigned and <landing page name>, is the one you chose in the Basic tab.

To have a personalized company address used as the landing page address, the user must host the landing page code on his own servers. The user needs to change the “Landing Page URL“ to the user’s server’s URL so Idomoo knows to build the right landing page links. 

 Watch this video for a detailed explanation of the Customization Tab: