**The Landing Page Builder is deprecated, Replaced by Page Creator**

When generating videos and links, the platform is designed to create landing page links as long as there is a landing page entity that is part of the platform itself. Therefore, if you want to use an external platform to design your landing page, you still have to do the following:

  1. Create a landing page entity on the Storybuilding Suite. The role of this "dummy" landing page is to hold the landing page URL address. By having a landing page created you have a landing page ID you can use in API calls or batch generation.
  2. In the Customization tab of the Landing Page builder insert the URL for the landing page you created elsewhere. Just make sure that after the extension (html) you keep the ?url=<VIDEO_URL> text, as this is where the personalized video link is added by the platform.
    For example, if you created a landing page and you are hosting it on https://www.mybrand.com/pv/land-here.html, the Landing page URL field needs to be: https://www.mybrand.com/pv/land-here.html?url=<VIDEO_URL>.

This ends your set up on the Idomoo platform. When you need to generate a video use the landing page ID of the dummy landing page and you will get links to videos using the landing page URL you chose.

Note that the landing page URL you choose should be a secure URL starting with https. This is because since July 2018 Google Chrome marks all http pages as not secure directly in its address bar. If you use a simple http URL, landing pages will not be available on Chrome.

To learn how to integrate the Idomoo Player in your external landing page, refer to the player documentation.