Watch the Placeholder Layers Video

Total running time: 2:22

Placeholder Layers Specifications

Placeholder layers can be either AE text layers or single image layers. You create them just as you would any such layers in AE. You just need to remember they will be used as placeholders in the end.
The placeholder layers are rendered in Idomoo's PV cloud and not in After Effects. Because of this you should only use the supported features in the box below.

Placeholder Layers Supported Features

  • Any cross-platform font for text (that is, a font with the filename extension TTF or OTF)
  • PNG files for image placeholders
  • Transform animations (including opacity)
  • Null parenting (no layer to layer parenting)
  • Expressions in Transforms
  • 3D transform with camera
  • Motion blur (default settings only)
  • Vector masks
  • Point text layers, not paragraph text layers (click and type, don't click and drag a box)
  • Font size
  • Text alignment
  • Text fill color

All other features, such as effects, blending modes, layer styles, track mattes, kerning, and text animators, are not available for use with placeholder text or image layers at this time.
Remember these limitations only apply to placeholder layers. You can use any feature you like inside static compositions.

Naming Placeholder Layers

The name of a placeholder layer will be the name of the placeholder as it appears in Space Viewer and in the Story Building Suite. Please try to follow these rules for placeholder layer names:

  • The name should mean something. Call a layer customer_name instead of Text14.
  • Only use the following characters: A-Z, 0-9, _, -, and period.