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You can use and change the scenes you created with After Effects in several ways. You do that by using the Storybuilding Suite or Scene API.
To learn more about how to use the Storybuilding Suite or Scene API read the articles in the relevant sections.

Editorial Changes

Here are things you can do with scenes after you exported them from After Effects:

  • Scenes represent an editorial block. You can choose manually, or by setting logic rules, which scene to use, and how the scenes will be arranged.
  • You can shorten the end of the scene manually by specifying a number of seconds. You can also shorten the scene by specifying the scene should end after a placeholder's content has ended. The content can only be video or audio assets. You can't extend the duration of a scene.
  • You can shorten the beginning of a scene by specifying a number, but only through Scene API.
  • You can overlap between scenes, but only through Scene API.
  • Scene always cut with one another. If you created a wipe that's embeded in a scene you can use the overlap feature to transition from another scene.
  • Using Scene API you are unlimited in how to place the scene in time. You can also define what scene is on top of another scene to create, in effect, two scenes as layers, one on top of the other.

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