To install HubSpot as an app on Idomoo's Storybuilding Suite follow these steps:

  1. After logging into Storybuilding Suite, click your name at the top right corner of the interface to access the three-dot menu, then click Settings.
  2. Click the MY APPS tab.
  3. Under Connect To A New App, click the ADD HUBSPOT APP button.
  4. In the HubSpot pop-ups that follow continue to log in to HubSpot, if you're not already connected. Once logged in, choose which HubSpot hub you would like to connect to, and approve the connection.
  5. Once you are done, you should see your HubSpot hub in a list under the My Connected Apps heading.

Idomoo's platform can now talk to your chosen HubSpot hub and retrieve information from your CRM.
As part of the installation two modules were also installed in your HubSpot instance, one for use in emails and another in websites. You'll learn about those later.

Uninstalling Idomoo from HubSpot

If you no longer need the connection between Idomoo and HubSpot you can disconnect the app. You do this from the HubSpot interface by following these instructions.

Several things happen (or don't happen) when you disconnect Idomoo from HubSpot which you need to consider:

  1. The storyboards you had connected to that HubSpot hub won't be able to generate videos anymore. This includes videos already sent.
  2. You can see the storyboards that are connected to the disconnected HubSpot hub in Settings > My Apps, by clicking on the question mark next to the crossed out HubSpot hub.
  3. When you have a disconnected HubSpot hub you are notified with an alert about missing that connection when you go to the storyboard list webpage. Storyboards that have missing HubSpot connections also display greyed out HubSpot logos and an App Missing graphic.
  4. The trash icon next to the hub ID can be used to preview the behaviour of disconnecting, though you still need to disconnect on the HubSpot interface to really disconnect.
  5. The Idomoo modules that were installed are not removed from your HubSpot hub. The emails and web pages you created that use them won't work anymore, as the connection is missing, so pay attention.