HubSpot users that are more technical might be wondering about a few issues once they have finished reading the rest of the documentation. I hope this article contains the answers those issues.

How Fresh Is The Data?

As Idomoo's HubSpot integration relies on Living Data parameters, the data should be fresh when the viewer accesses it. The first time a specific HubSpot contact accesses the media, the media is generated in real-time. For most of your contacts the first time is when they open the email or go to the landing page. Please keep in mind, though, that the first time the media is accessed might be when you've tested the media for that contact during a QA phase. When that specific contact actually views the media, it might be the second time. If media is regenerated when accessing it for the second time and above depends on the refresh schedule in the living data parameters setup.

How Can I Use More Player Functionality?

Idomoo's player has many options. To make the integration more straighforward we only exposed three options: autoplay, interactivity and mute. If you want to build more complex landing pages that use more player capabilities, you can duplicate and edit the Idomoo HubSpot modules yourself.
Follow these steps:

  1. In HubSpot click Marketing > Files and Templates > Design Tools.
  2. Under the folder called "@marketplace" locate the Idomoo Video module and click it.
  3. The module can't be edited but the content of it can be copied and pasted to a new module you create. Do so.

To learn more about player capabilities take a look at this section in the academy.

To learn more about creating and editing HubSpot modules take a look at this article on the HubSpot knowledge base.