Once we have a landing page where your customers can view their personalized videos, it's time to let your customers know about it! One way to do that is with an email. You can just send an email to the customer with a link to the webpage, but it is customary and works a lot better if that email has a personalized jpg that they click to get to the landing page.

In previous articles you created a storyboard for the video you want to share with your customers. You can use a frame from that video as your thumbnail for the email, but you can also make a whole new storyboard just for that thumbnail, which might be a better idea in case you want that frame to say something specific like "Hey John, click here". To select which frame from your storyboard will be used as a thumbnail, click Set Thumbnail Time in the storyboard's three dot menu at the top right of the screen. Once you are done setting up the storyboard you'll use as a thumbnail, push it to HubSpot.

Access the storyboard you just pushed to HubSpot by using the Idomoo Thumbnail module, which was automatically installed on your hub when you installed the connection between Idomoo and HubSpot.

To learn how to create emails in HubSpot including how to work with modules, follow this link.

While editing an email let's add the Idomoo Thumbnail module. Just follow these steps:

  1. In the Content panel click More and in the search bar and start typing Idomoo. The list of modules reduces to show only relevant modules.
  2. Drag the Idomoo Thumbnail module to your email in the location that suites you.
  3. You haven't yet defined anything in the module and the module simply reads: Select a Storyboard. Click the little pencil icon called Edit Module at the top right edge of the module window.
  4. As you can see the module's interface is very straightforward with two mains sets of controls: Select Storyboard and Select a Page.
  5. You start from choosing a storyboard. From Embed Type click to choose Media Integration then click Select from Idomoo.
  6. In the media browser that opens you see all the storyboards you pushed to HubSpot. Click to choose one of those storyboard.
  7. Finally you can set for this thumbnail to link to a page by selecting the page in the Select a Page dropdown. You might want to link to the page you created in the previous article.

You can now see the module updating in the preview panel to the right of the module editor. You will probably won't see any personalization yet, as this preview is generic, however you can test this email for a specific user by using the regular Preview mode.

  1. At the top right of the interface, click the Actions drop-down menu then click Preview.
  2. At the top left of the preview interface select a contact from the contact drop-down.
  3. The preview updates and should show an image updated with personalized data for the selected contact.

You're all done setting up the Idomoo Thumbnail module for your email. Be proud! Your customers are going to be so pleased seeing a personalized message as an image in their email.

If you're interested in learning some advanced features, go to the next article.