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If your primary goal is to build virality: You need a public page where anyone can enter a unique identifier (such as their Username, Gamertag, or Login credentials) to retrieve their Personalized Video.

This is your secret weapon: People sharing their personalized videos is the number one means of building awareness and virality.

We have seen up to 70% of traffic routinely come from users seeing another user’s video and then going to get their own

Sample of a full user journey walkthrough video (2min)

Easy To Remember URL

The URL we drive people to in order to get their personalized video is key.

  • The URL must be:
    • Easy to remember
    • Easy to type in (especially on mobile devices)
  • The URL should be mentioned in:
    • All social posts
    • In the video itself, to build awareness virally

Make Sure The Video Tells People Where To Go To Get Their Own Personalized Video

The video is the best means of building campaign awareness. So make sure the video tells others where to get their own.

In as few words as possible, we need people to “get it” and take action to go and get their own personalized video.

Sample Directive Copy:

  • "Get your personalized recap video! [URL].com"
  • "Don't miss out. Get your video recap at [URL].com"
  • "Get your video recap at [URL].com"

Sample video (watch at 1:52)

Use a Catchy #Hashtag

#Hashtags make it vastly easier to track a campaign’s performance.

In some cases, hashtags can be auto-filled into social posts, and in other cases, we will be reliant on people manually entering the #hashtag.

As a best practice, try to keep hashtags short to type and fun to use. Additionally, the #hashtag should be unique to this project.

A good project #Hashtag would incorporate the following:

  • Instantly memorable: Something that can be recalled long after the video has been viewed
  • Virality: Encourages project participation, helps build campaign awareness and momentum
  • Searchability: Makes videos easily searchable on social media
  • Performance Tracking: Makes project performance more trackable


To maximize impact, consider every means of distribution possible.
Such as:

  • Email
  • In-app/game messaging
  • Push Notification
  • Social Posts
  • WhatsApp Message

Sharing Buttons

Sharing Buttons: Make sure the social sharing buttons are easily visible on the landing page (without the need to scroll)

  • “DOWNLOAD” is commonly the most popular button and should be placed first.
  • “Facebook” and “Twitter” buttons do not share the video directly to someone’s feed. Rather they share a link to a page where the video can be watched.

NOTE: We do not recommend in-player sharing buttons

Mobile First

Everything should be approached with a mobile-first attitude, and the following best practices should be adhered to:

  • Test on mobile devices
  • Landing Page buttons should be large & easy to click.
    • Think, “small screens, fat fingers”
  • Consider vertical (or square) formatted video & images
    • This is better optimized for social media

No In-Video Interactivity

Idomoo loves interactive video, but…

In-video interactivity requires using the Idomoo video player, which social media platforms do not use.

This means that in-video interactivity will not work on videos shared on social media and that we do not recommend in-video interactivity for campaigns designed to be shared on these platforms.

Build Awareness

Social Platforms

  • Post on your social media platforms:
    • Before a campaign launches, so you can build anticipation
    • During a campaign is when you’ll want to use most of your marketing and awareness effort
    • After launching a campaign but before it ends, “last chance” messaging can create a final sense of urgency before the campaign concludes

Find your audience:

  • Think about other ways you communicate with your audience:
    • Reddit
    • Blogs
    • Fan sites
    • Other relevant forums or websites


  • Involving social media influencers helps get their buy-in.
    • Involve your influencers early and help them build excitement and awareness.

Paid Marketing

Consider setting aside some marketing budget to promote the campaign.

Marketing ideas might include:

  • SEO: Paid SEO optimization for key search terms
  • Influencer Marketing: Paid or unpaid (paid is likely to be a greater motivation)
  • Social Marketing: Use your existing and related social channels

Press Releases

Consider press releases to:

  1. Help build awareness before & during your campaign

  2. Celebrate success post-launch

Alert Social Platforms in Advance

Many social media platforms have automated systems to block what is perceived as a potential attack. Thousands (or millions) of similar-looking posts may appear to the system as a spamming attack and get blocked.

To avoid being falsely flagged as a spamming attack, whenever possible, alert the platforms of your campaign prior to launch.

⚠️ Specifically: Facebook and Reddit (if relevant)