Creating a successful Personalized Videos is half art, half science.  While there are similarities with creating engaging generic videos, there are also important differences, unique to the realm of Personal Videos.


We have compiled this list of best practices as a quick guide for creating an engaging and impactful Personalized Video experience, based on our work with over 100 enterprise clients:

  • PV distribution methods: It is recommended to distribute the videos or links through multiple channels in order to reach the largest number of customers possible.  This could include email, text messages, on mobile apps, on online portals, etc. If the customer did not view the PV, an escalation policy can be used, e.g: resend the email with different subject, send using other channel e.g. via text message.
  • Email / text message header: Should make use of the recipient’s name and indicate that the linked video is personal and created just for them.  Sample email headlines: “Mr. Smith, watch this Personalized Video we created just for you”.
  • Email structure: Personalized Videos should be delivered in a dedicated email; If added to an existing EDM campaign, thumbnail to watch the video should be on the top of the email page.
  • Thumbnail:The video thumbnail should be perceived as an actual player; by using a personalized frame from the video or in the spirit of the video with engaging text such as ‘, Click the to view your video’ (using customer’s name) ,  Its recommended size 360x460 to reflect a player shape.  There should be a visible “play” button superimposed on the thumbnail.
  • Hyperlink: A textual hyperlink should appear above the thumbnail in order to address devices that may not be able to view the thumbnail itself.
  • Embedding the video in the email: for iOS based devices video can be embedded in the email. This would increase the view rate dramatically. However it does not drive customer to the landing page. It should be considered depending on the CTA. E.g. if CTA is call or visit our store this is highly recommend experience which saves a few clicks.
  • Calls to Action: Personalized Videos are very effective at driving action. CTA buttons should be prominently displayed on the Landing Page underneath or alongside the video, superimposed on the video while the video is paused and in the email below the thumbnail (as long as this supports the established business goals). See examples below.
  • Communication: In order to drive up engagement and drive action, it is highly recommended to communicate to customers ahead of time that they will be receiving Personalized Videos. This can be done through various customer communication channels including emails, text messages, online/offline customer magazines, Customer-Care service, Stores, TV spots, etc.

Email layout Example

Landing Page

When a customer clicks the link they received they get to a landing page where the video is displayed. These are some tips regarding content and layout:

  • Landing Page Layout: Should be clean and simple with only Player, CTA buttons, and additional secondary links of buttons. Place the player on the top part of the page. CTA buttons below should not require scroll down.  
  • Idomoo Player: It is highly recommended to use Idomoo Player. It provides built in analytics: from generated to views, and CTA clicks (if implemented according to guidelines), and provides best support for all devices.  
  • CTA buttons: Make sure location of CTA is in line with the video content. E.g. ‘click below’ is aligned with landing page that has the CTA button below the player.   
  • Player Last screen: It is recommended to implement last screen of player with CTA buttons (it offers up to 4 buttons).  
  • Mobile: Landing page layout should be optimized for mobile view as well as PC. The best way to implement this is by having 2 designs (mobile and PC) and re-direct to mobile based on User-Agent detection. Bare in mind that 60% of emails are open nowadays via smartphones.  

Landing Page layout Examples: Computer & Mobile