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When you log into the Storybuilding Suite the first screen you see is the dashboard with your existing video projects, called Storyboards. These are projects you have been working on.

Navigating the Storybuilding Suite Menu

Once you have arrived at the Storybuilding Suite, you can access the menu on the top left side to see all the possibilities and capabilities of the Storybuilding Suite.

Storyboards, Scene Libraries & Landing Pages

The first menu entry takes you to the Storyboard screen, this is the screen currently being displayed and is where you can create Storyboards or sequences of scenes with the flow of your story.

Below this you can select Scene Libraries, which are repositories where all your video building blocks such as scenes, images and audio files are stored.

Below this is the Landing Pages section where you can create a Landing Page, which is a location from where your videos are viewed by your audience.

Generate Videos, History & Analytics

Underneath this area are the options to Generate Videos from your Storyboards, view History, to see the status and history of your video generation, and you can look at the Analytics of how each video is being received, either by scheduling the generation of a report, or by looking at the analytics dashboard.

Download Scene Tools

At the very bottom of the menu area is the option to Download Tools. This is a link to a page where you can download Idomoo's After Effects plugin suite called Scene Tools. Scene Tools is used with After Effects to create scenes with which you can build Storyboards.

Navigating the Storyboard Page

The main Storyboard Page contains a number of elements, Search, Create New Storyboard, Account menu & Support, which are outlined below.

Search Box

On the upper right side of the Storyboard Page, there is a search box, which can be used to search for a specific Storyboard title. Typing here hides any Storyboard title that does not contain this search criteria.

Create a New Storyboard

On the upper left side of the Storyboard Page, there is a button, Create New Storyboard, that can be used to create a new Storyboard. Clicking on this begins the process of creating your own personalised Storyboard (see here for more details on this subject).

Account Menu

The Account Menu can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right of the interface. Doing so reveals how many rendering minutes you have left on your account. Here you can also access the Settings area, where you can change your name, access your API key, and so on.

Help & Support

To the left of your name is Help & Support. Clicking on this allows you to Submit a Ticket, if you require technical support, or you can search for a specific topic in the Idomoo knowledge base, known as the Academy. You can also browse all the articles in the Academy by clicking Browse Articles found at the bottom of this screen.