When render time is a priority there are several things you can do during the animation stage in After Effects to make sure your videos are as fast as they can be:

  • Static comps slow the render down. Having fewer static comps creates a faster render. This means that even though you're allowed up to three static comps per scene comp, you should strive to use one or less. How? Here are a few ideas:
    • If you have two static comps with no placeholder layers between them, that means you should pre compose them into a single comp.
    • If your static comp is just a flat color that does nothing, like a white background, for example, replace it with an image placeholder layer.
    • If your placeholder layers are filling your whole screen, why do you have a static background comp? You don't always have to have one. If you don't have one the background will be black if seen.
  • Vector masks are like static comps. It doesn't matter how many masks you have per placeholder layer, but it does matter how many placeholder layers have masks. The fewer layesr with masks, the fast the render.
  • Fonts that have a lot of holes in them will be slower to render than perfectly filled ones. Here are a few examples of fast rendering fonts versus slow rendering fonts:

    Arial Blackadder ITC Chalkduster KG Second Chances
    Fast render Fast render Slow render Slow render

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