Idomoo's App for HubSpot Marketplace eases the creation of Personalized Videos using HubSpot CRM data. Set up your storyboard using a HubSpot Living Data service that reads HubSpot Contact data. Then use the Idomoo custom modules in HubSpot's CMS design tools.
In the same way that HubSpot knows who an email you are sending is for and fills in the first name in the start of the email body, so will it know to send all the data the Storyboard needs to generate the video for that same contact. Magic.


  1. No need for IT or development to extract CRM data. Just add the HubSpot app to your Idomoo account and you're ready to go.
  2. The data is fresh, and not a CSV exported prior to generation.
  3. Easily create emails and landing pages containing Idomoo videos and thumbnails.

How to Use Idomoo's App for HubSpot

There are three stages necessary for using Idomoo's App for Hubspot:

  1. Installing Hubspot as an App.
  2. Setting up a storyboard with Living Data parameters.
  3. Working with Idomoo's Modules for HubSpot to build emails and landing pages in HubSpot's CMS design tools.

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