When you edit a template, it creates a page that is stored in the My Pages area of the Page Creator dashboard. These Pages have two states:

  • Draft - a page that is being worked on
  • Live - a page that has gone live and is viewable by your target audience

Any Draft page can be made into a Live page, either as a new entity, or to replace a previous live page. Similarly, you can keep on editing a live page, creating a draft version of it.

A live page is indicated by a green dot in the Page Creator dashboard.

Workflows on both these states and how to achieve them can be found further down in this article.

Using Page Settings

Before your page can go live, you can choose where your video is hosted and optionally also upload a customer Favicon and edit the page title. This all takes place via the Page Settings button.

To access the hosting and favicon settings mentioned above, click on the Page Settings button in the upper right of the interface to bring up the Page Settings panel. To close this panel, click on the small ‘x’ in the upper right of the Page Settings panel.

Customizing Your Video’s Link Options

By default Idomoo assigns a location that hosts your video, or you can enter a custom domain if you prefer. To enter a custom domain, select the radio button next to ‘Your Own Custom Domain’ and then enter your custom domain into the text area. This will connect your video page with an existing domain managed by an external provider.

NOTE: If you wish to use the custom domain option, you must download the HTML or player code. Details on this can be found below.

Adding a Favicon & Tab Title

A favicon is the small icon displayed inside the tab of the browser that is showing your video. By default, this is the Idomoo logo, but you can upload your own image, via the upload button, and also edit the default title text that displays in the browser tab.

NOTE: A favicon should be a PNG or JPG file, 32x32 pixels in dimensions.

Going Live

When you want to make your page available to the world wide web, and after you have checked the Page Settings, you are ready to update the status of your page from Draft to Live.

To do this, click on the ‘Go Live’ button in the top right of the Page Creator interface. If you have chosen to use Idomoo hosting for your video page, you see a brief pause and then, you receive confirmation that your video page is now live.

The live page has two attributes:

  1. A link to the page
    • Use the link in case you embedded a non-personalized video
    • Add query parameters such as 'url' or 'id' to load a personalized video into the player
    • Click the View button to be taken directly to your video page
  2. The page ID
    • Use this in API calls to specify you would like to use this page with the video you are generating

If you have decided to use your own hosting, as detailed in the Customizing Your Video Link Options section above, you see a different congratulation screen. Here you are given two options, the first is Download HTML, which allows you to download the video page’s HTML, this must then be uploaded to your custom domain in order for the video page to be visible.

A second option, Get Player Code, allows you to download the Idomoo player code that can be embedded in your webpage, in case you are writing your own HTML code.

Your Page is Live

Once you exit this screen by clicking on the small X in the top right of the screen, return to the Page Creator dashboard by clicking on the Page Creator button in the top left of the interface.

Your page now appears in the Your Pages section, along with a green dot to indicate it is now live. Additional options are available by clicking on the three dots to the right of the name (see figure below).

Updating A Live Page

After a page Goes Live you can still edit it. Your edits are not automatically propagated to the live page, but remain only in a draft mode. Clicking the preview button shows the changes in the draft. Using the link still shows the live page. This way you can make changes and get approval for these changes before you update the live page.

Once the edits and updates are completed and approved, simply hit the Go Live button again and the Live version is updated.

NOTE: When the page is updated, the ID number and link remain the same, despite the contents being updated.