Page Creator has the ability to create pages accessible to all users. This includes accessibility features that are deployed by default, and features deployed by the user, which allow viewers with disabilities to access your video; removing barriers that might otherwise restrict their access to your content.

This is an overview of how you can use Page Creator’s accessibility options to assist viewers with their interaction issues and engage with the created page.

Color Contrast

Any color used by Page Creator can be modified, including background, text and buttons. The borders of Buttons can also be modified.

To accomplish this, click on the element you wish to modify, and then change the options in the panel on the left of the interface. The example below shows a button has been selected in the page, causing the options panel to open. At the bottom of that panel are a number of modifiers for altering the color contrast to one better suited to your needs.

Please Note: The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards for text and interactive elements require these elements to have a color contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1. This ensures that viewers who cannot see the full color spectrum are still able to read the text.

Description text

Any visual element such as a button, logo or the background also has a default text description, which can be modified using the editor. Text descriptions allow accessibility tools to understand the page better, and can read a description of the page to people with imperfect vision.

To edit the description text for a specific element, click on that element to open the options panel on the left and locate the Description field in the list of modifiers. Type into this field, any description text that you wish to be accessible to your intended audience.

Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) support

In order to communicate the roles, states, and properties of user interface elements to assistive technologies (AT), the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) support has been added to the HTML markup of your created page.

These tags are automatically added to the HTML and cannot be directly edited using Page Creator.

Keyboard Access

Accessibility of a page created using Page Creator extends to those in your target audience who only use a keyboard to interact with their device. In this case, using the Tab, Enter, and Spacebar provides the user with page navigation, allowing player properties and links to be triggered.

The Tab order of each page is logical and follows the visual order of those elements being displayed. Viewers can also use Tab to return to the address bar.

AutoPlay Options

If required, the video can be set so that it does not autoplay when the page is opened. This is to allow a target audience who navigate the screen using a reader to view the page without any sounds from the video interfering with this process and potentially spoiling their experience.

To select this option, click anywhere in the player section of Page Creator, then select the Autoplay option you require from the panel on the left.

Closed Captioning

Page Creator can also be configured to display closed captions, which not only supports customers with listening problems, but also ensures any video played while muted can be understood.

Users have the option to set up captions in many different languages. The workflow for setting up any closed captions is part of the creating videos process and an explanation of this can be found in the How to Configure Closed Captions article in the Idomoo Academy. Using the Page Creator interface you choose to display and configure the closed captions button inside the player in order to enable the captions that you have pre-configured in the Storybuilder.

Transcript Support

All video pages consist of a built-in transcript button, which allows the target audience to access the video information in written form. The workflow for creating a Transcript for your Page can be found in the Set Up a Transcript  article. Using the Page Creator interface you can configure and choose to show the transcript button.