Each page you create can be customized to your own specific needs, and using the editing tools found in Page Creator you can easily achieve the look and functionality needed for your campaign.

How to Customize a Template

Accessing and customizing a template is very easy using Page Creator. Follow the workflow below to begin your journey:

  1. From the Page Creator dashboard, hover the mouse over any of the templates, and click the Start Editing button when it appears in the middle of the template.
  2. Once the template opens, you can alter any of the customizable options available to you with that particular template by clicking on that onscreen element. The following example shows the options available in the Classic template; the other templates also follow this workflow.
  3. Start by clicking the Logo button at the top of the interface, this opens a panel to the left of your template. Here you can edit the look and feel of the logo element with the following options:
    • Upload a logo
    • Add a link to that logo
    • Provide a descriptive text to help with accessibility.
    • Alter the size of the logo
    • Change the alignment of the logo
  4. Next click on the Title below the logo and the left hand of the interface changes to allow you to;
    • Enter the text you want to display
    • Alter the Font size
    • Change the justification of the text
  5. Now click the Video to display the playback options. The player is covered more in detail in an article about player settings here.
    By default, the Settings tab is displayed and here you can access the options for the following features:
    • Auto Play
    • Share
    • Living Video
    • Video Links
    • Custom (opening/closing and error messages)
    • Closed Captions
    • Advanced (aspect ratio)
  6. While still in the Video Player area, click the second tab, Embed Video, to display an area where your static video link can be embedded. To use the page with personalized videos leave this empty and the personalized video link will be added to the landing page link when generating videos.
  7. Below the player are a number of editable elements:
    • CTA (Call To Action) Buttons: which are used to link any URL that is defined by you.
    • Share Buttons: These are similar to those found in the player, but are also available to the user on the landing page. This allows the video to be shared with others in various different ways.
    • Follow Buttons: These buttons help users easily follow your brand's account on social media networks.
  8. All the elements on the page can be moved up and down the page, using the small arrow icons that appear over each element when the mouse is placed in that area. Elements can also be hidden here by clicking on the Eye icon.
  9. If you wish to quickly remove any of the displayed elements in a template, click the elements button at the top of the page, then uncheck any items or buttons you wish to remove. To add them back, simply recheck the item. 
  10. To preview the page you have created, click the small eyeball icon to the right of the Elements button and a new tab will open in your browser to display a preview of your video page.

Preview allows you to monitor any changes made to the page, and gain insight into how the end viewer sees the final product. This is vital to the Page Creator workflow.

Done Editing?

Once you have decided on your various layout choices, the page can be made available on the web. For more details on this, see the Going Live Article.

When you have finished customizing the video page, click the video page creator button in the upper left of the interface to return to the Templates and Canvas page.

Language support

Any language found on your system is supported by the built-in font selection inside the Page Creator. This includes page elements that contain text such as title, paragraph, footer, CTA buttons and Social Share buttons, which can all be set to display any language.

  • Note - any fonts used must support the desired characters you wish to display.