The Idomoo platform has been updated to incorporate Page Creator, the successor to Landing Page Builder. In this short overview we examine the main differences between the two applications so that you can see the clear advantages of using Page Creator for presenting your video campaigns.

Advantages Of Using Page Creator

The first, and most obvious advantage, is a better choice of templates within the new system. Whereas Landing Page Builder only allowed the use of one template, with a somewhat rigidly defined layout, Page Creator has several templates to choose from (one of which is a replica of the Landing Page Builder template). Additional custom made templates are also available, and details of this can be obtained from your account manager.

Another big advantage of Page Creator is the ability to configure Idomoo's player using an easy to use interface and with no need for a developer.

Hide Unwanted Elements

Page Creator has the ability to hide or show elements within any of the templates. This allows for full customization of the page, displaying only those elements you need for your video.

In comparison, Landing Page Builder has a rigid, single, template.

Learn about working with the Page Creator editor in the article How to Customize a Template.

Positioning And Style Choices

Page elements can be customized with choices for text alignment, font style and color, with additional ability to highlight any of the text present. It is also possible to change the direction of the text and upload custom fonts.

Learn about working with the Page Creator editor in the article How to Customize a Template.

Full Control Of The Video Player

Page Creator gives the user full control of how the video player is displayed to the end viewer, what social media share options are displayed, and how those options are configured. This customization of the player allows you to configure the player simply and quickly, without the need for a developer.

Learn about configuring the player in the article Configuring the Player Inside Page Creator.


Page Creator was designed from the very beginning to allow all of your target audience to view your video, including those with disabilities. Many of the features in Page Creator such as aligning with ARIA guidelines, keyboard accessibility (for users who cannot use a mouse), better text customization options, and support for closed captions and transcript, are among some of the innovative features that were not available in Landing Page Builder, but are available in Page Creator.

Learn about accessibility in the article Create Accessible Pages to Hold Your Videos.

Draft And Live Versions

A template, once edited, automatically becomes a draft version, and can be re-edited at any time. When those edits are complete, the draft version can be promoted to a live version, which can then be shared with your target audience.

In comparison, any changes made to a page created with Landing Page Builder are automatically seen by your audience immediately.

Learn about going live in the article Going Live with Your Page.

When Does Support For Landing Page Builder End?

Both Landing Page Builder and Page Creator are available, concurrently, to Idomoo account holders. All users should be aware of the following:

  • Eventually, it will no longer be possible to create new pages with Landing Page Builder. However, existing pages will still function as designed.
  • During this period, it is advised to migrate your old pages to Page Creator in order to take advantage of the new features.

This allows current campaigns that use pages built with Landing Page Builder to continue with minimal issues until you have migrated to Page Creator.