The Player used by Page Creator has a variety of options, all accessible when editing a template. This allows the user to have full control over how the video is delivered to the viewer.

To access and configure the Player, follow the workflow below:

  1. With a page open, click anywhere inside the Player to display the Video Player options on the left of the page. Full details of these options can be found in the table below.

  2. To access the Embedded Video options, click the Embed Video tab next to Settings.
  3. To close these options, click on the small X and the top of the panel.

Video Player Settings Explained

Below is a table of the various options available to you when configuring the player used to display your video. The list of options is similar to the ones found in the player developer guide, however, by using Page Creator you have access to all these options with an easy to use interface.


Setting option


Autoplay video (muted only if blocked)

Choose whether the video should play automatically on load or when the viewer presses the Play button.

Do not Autoplay

Autoplay muted as default


Setting option


Download video: this allows for the user to download the video. You can also add a file name.

Choose and configure the share options to be shown under the player's share button.

Copy link to clipboard to paste anywhere.

Email video

Send with Whatsapp

Share on Facebook with text fields allowing you to choose a post title and a post text.

Share on Twitter with the tweet text of your choice.


Choose which viewer interaction options are enabled on the player.

Setting option


Enable player actions

If your video contains an 'Interactive Player Action', you'll need to make sure that it is also enabled here on the player.

Mark viewer selection on the video screen

Player marks interactive choices the viewer already clicked on making it easier to navigate.

In-player customization:

  1. On user click
  2. When video starts playing
  3. When video finishes playing

Choose when the In-Player Menu appears, if your video contains one.

Video link

In case the developers want the generated videos to be referred to in the URL with the query parameter "id" and not the query parameter "url", the player needs to know two additional things, which can be passed using these parameters. Fill these in for the player to resolve the id properly.

Setting option


Video generating environment

What environment are the videos being generated in?

Video format

What file type is being generated?


Change the appearance of the thumbnails and messages shown on the player.

Setting option


Opening image

Choose which image is shown before the video begins playing.

Closing image

Choose which image is shown when the video finishes playing.

Loading gif

Add a link to the animated gif to be shown while the video loads.

Error message

This image replaces Idomoo's default error message image with your own.

Closed captioning

Add a closed captions button on the player and choose its default and other languages.

Setting option



Choose which language to display in the player captions button, with a language label.

Start video with default language

In case you want captions to be on by default.


The Advanced section holds controls over the player size and the player control bar.

Setting option



Choose the height you would like the player to load in.

Aspect ratio

Choose the aspect ratio the player loads into.

Control Bar - Position

Customize your player control bar appearance with options to reposition it under the video or on top of the lower part of the video.

Control Bar - Enable a compact version on mobile

Mobile displays have less room. You can use a more compact control bar on mobile by enabling this option.

Control Bar - Remove progress bar from control bar

If you don't want to see the progress bar in the control bar, enable this option.

Control Bar - Fade out the control bar after 3 sec

With no mouse movement, the control bar disappears after 3 seconds.

Control Bar - Pause/play from anywhere on the video

Allows for the viewer to click anywhere on the screen to pause or play the video.

Embed video

The second tab in the Player configuration settings area allows the user to embed a static video to this page. This option is used if you are creating a single, non-personalized video, where all viewers receive the same video page with the same video link. It can still update if it uses living data, and it can still be interactive, but there is just one link to the video.

To use this feature, simply copy and paste the link to your video in the text field provided.