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Page Creator is an application that allows you to create a web page to best display your Idomoo videos. The tools found in Page Creator are used to create this web page, with a host of easy to understand features designed to enhance the look and feel of how your video is shown and how your audience can interact with it.

You start working in Page Creator by choosing from one of the available templates, which can be easily customized to your own personal requirements. This can be accomplished by changing layouts, fonts and a variety of other options that can be used to share your videos.

With Page Creator, you are able to select and edit the elements you want to include on your video page, and create a draft version where you can preview the results before committing to a Live Page. After a page becomes Live, it can still be worked on as a Draft version, making it possible to test alternatives before you update and replace the current Live version.

An overview of the Page Creator Dashboard can be found in the next section of this article, while a more detailed explanation on working with Templates can be found here.

The Page Creator Dashboard

The Page Creator Dashboard is where you access the templates needed to create your video page, and where you are able to edit any of your Draft or Live pages. Essentially, this is the main starting area for your interaction with Page Creator and you begin creating a page by simply clicking on one of the templates.

The Dashboard can be accessed by logging into your account and then clicking on the Menu icon in the upper right of the interface and selecting Page Creator from the menu.

This opens the Page Creator Dashboard, displaying the available templates and your starting point for creating a new page on which to display your video. These templates are adaptable for various different display criteria, such as how big the player is on the frame, what elements are available to you, overall page alignment and so on.
If you wish to hide the templates panel, you can minimize it by clicking on the 'Choose Templates' tab button in the center of the display.

When a template has been edited, it becomes a ‘Page’ and appears in the lower section of the dashboard called Your Pages.

For further information on how to edit and update Live Pages and create Draft pages for further experimentation with the Page Creator, please see the Going Live article.

Page Templates

The templates available to you in Page Creator are where you begin creating the page where your video is displayed.

These are the available templates to choose from:

  • Classic - a traditional design allowing access to all features, but with a reduced video area.
  • Compact - a reduced, left aligned, design format allowing for a larger video area.
  • Video First - a restricted design format allowing for a maximized video area where all functionality is expected to be part of the video.

When choosing a template, you need to decide, in advance, on the needs of your style policy. For the best results, it is recommended you familiarize yourself with all of the templates in order to make an informed decision on those best suited to your campaigns needs.

  • Note - clients can submit a request for templates that better suit their requirements for a fee. For further details on pricing and availability, please talk to your account manager.