Watch the Mapping a folder Video

Total running time: 3:16

Mapping links dynamic placeholders to a folder of assets; The assets can be images, videos or audio files. 

Usage example: You want to greet the viewer by showing on screen his name and hearing "Hello" greeting. 

For that propose you can use one parameter that once be assigned to a text placeholder to show the name and once assigned to an audio placeholder to play the greeting.

Use mapping on the audio placeholder to link between the parameter and a folder of assets.

The folder should hold recorded audio files with personalized "hello" greetings using different first names. each audio file must be named as the input; so "Hello john" file will be named john.wav, "Hello melissa" file will be named melissa.wav

Our system will "know" to link between the input "john" to the file "john.wav" stored in the linked folder. 

Enable this feature by pressing the "link" icon:

Mapping can done by linking a folder of assets or by using property file (text placeholder, Media and sound placeholder).

We recommend to set a default value when using mapping.

If there is no default and the value is not defined using mapping, a video will not created.