Note - available only for IDM scenes created using Scene Tools

Storybuilder enables you to manipulate the content of media placeholders.

Media placeholder cards have an additional icon Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.37.06 AM.png that reveals the different options.

Those options are available both for static and dynamic placeholders.

Placement Within the Placeholder

A placeholder's dimensions are the maximum size in which the designer wants to hold images and videos. 

However, images and videos used to fill the placeholder might have different dimensions and a different aspect ratio. Therefore resizing and cropping is needed.

Scaling Options

  1. Fit means scale is set to show the whole image in the placeholder, as big as possible, transparency added where needed.
  2. Fill means the whole placeholder is filled with image, cropping where needed.
  3. The last option means no scaling. If the image is bigger than the placeholder, cropping happens.


Defined by 9 dots the content relative position to the placeholder.

Video behaviour and Video sound

These options are available for a static media placeholder that holds a video asset, or a dynamic placeholder.

Video Behaviour 

In case the video asset and the media placeholder are not the same length, these are the available options:

  1. Video longer than placeholder: video is cut at placeholder end.

  2. Placeholder is longer than video. User can choose one of three options:

    1. Cut (default)

    2. Loop

    3. Hold (last frame)

Video Sound

Sound options are similar audio options, information can be found here.