Changing the duration of a scene can make a scene more useable in different scenarios. Furthermore, by telling a scene that its duration is driven by the duration of one of it's placeholders, scenes become automatically tailored to their purpose. This feature makes the storyboard's timeline dynamic, not only in scene selection but also in scene duration.

A scene's duration can be driven by one of three options:

  1. The original duration of the scene.
  2. Manually inputting a duration.
  3. End duration of one of the placeholders in the scene. This can be with or without an offset.

The final duration can never be longer than the original scene duration. Shortening the duration of a scene is done by removing the end of the scene.

In order to edit scene duration, click on the Edit button next to the scene duration at the top of the right hand panel in the storybuilder interface.

Once you've loaded the Scene Duration panel, you can choose how you would like to shorten the scene.

Shortening duration by using the placeholder asset's duration is available only for video or audio assets, since only those assets have a duration.

If a media placeholder is dynamic and a color or image is used instead of a video, the duration of the scene will be the maximum duration.