This article explains how to implement a Logic Operator when working with a scene. Scene Logic is used to define which scenes will be shown to the viewer depending on the data used to generate the video. For a list of Logic operators available for you, please click this link.

Scene logic dictates that a scene can only be shown when a certain set of conditions are met. To achieve this, you need to create a logic rule by following the workflow below:

  1. With a Storyboard open, select the scene you wish to apply your Logic Operators to and then click on the upwards facing arrow at the bottom of the interface to open Scene Logic.
  2. Click on the Blue Plus symbol to begin adding your logic rule.
  3. Click on Select Parameter and then Create New parameter and name the parameter, or select an existing parameter if it exists.
  4. Select the appropriate Logic Operator.
  5. Choose if you wish to use static text or a parameter.
    1. If you choose text, input the text you wish to use.
    2. If you chose a parameter, select or create the required parameter.

In the example above, the scene logic dictates that only viewers with an age greater than 30 will view this scene in the video sent to them.

Another example of scene logic operation, this time using context parameters (link), can be to allow the scene to be viewed if the predefined renewal date is after the current date (as supplied by the viewer's browser).

Watch the Scene Logic Video

Total running time: 2:19