Watch the Add Audio to a Scene Video

Total running time: 4:39

You can easily add audio to a scene by clicking '+ ADD AUDIO' button which is located above the placeholders.


Starting from the first audio added, the placeholder will be called 'Audio 1' or 'Audio 2' and so on if you add more than one.

Once you have added the Audio placeholder, you can select if you would like the placeholder to be personalized or static (the same for all viewers).  

To keep the audio placeholder static, do the following:

  1. Wave your mouse over the placeholder until the menu bar on the placeholder comes up.  
  2. Select the pencil tool and select an audio file in your Media Library or upload an audio clicking 'Upload'.  
  3. Once you have selected your audio file, select the 3 circles on the bottom right of the placeholder and set an audio start time.
  4. Drag the curser to the exact start time of your choice. 

To personalize the placeholder, do the following:

  1. Click the key of the placeholder and unlock the lock.
  2. Select the parameter you would like to map the audio to or create a new parameter. 
  3. Click the mapping tool and select a folder.  
  4. 'Set audio start time' by selecting the exact second you would like the audio for the scene to start
  5. Select 'Set default value' (please see this section for more information).

You can also access audio properties by using the properties button to the right of the bin button:

With the audio properties you can:

  • Choose the start time of the video. This can be a specific time, or following the end of another placeholder - a feature we call Magnetic Audio.
  • Change the volume.
  • Add a fade in or fade out.
  • Specify this placeholder reduces the volume of the soundtrack with the Sidechain Compression option.

How to Add a Soundtrack to a Storyboard

You can add a soundtrack to your Storyboard by clicking the three dot menu next to the yellow 'Preview' button on the top right of the page. This is where you can select background music for the entire video.

As in any placeholder you can make the soundtrack static, meaning not-changing, or you can make it dynamic by setting up a parameter.

  • With "Use a static soundtrack" selected, click Choose to choose your soundtrack from one of the asset libraries to make your soundtrack static.
  • With "Use a parameter driven soundtrack" selected, click the dropdown menu to choose or create a parameter which will drive the choice of soundtrack. You can also use mapping and choose a default soundtrack in case no value for the parameter is sent during video generation.

The soundtrack plays for the entire duration of the video from the beginning of the first scene until the end of the last scene.

By default, the audio file fades out at the last 2 seconds of the video. You can change that in the Soundtrack options, as well as fade in, or change the volume.

The Sidechain Compression Amount property sets by how much to reduce the volume of the soundtrack, when other audio placeholders are playing. You specify which audio placeholders to use for this function in each individual audio placeholder's audio properties panel.