New Features

Advanced Media Properties

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  • Control how images and videos scale inside a placeholder
  • Control how images and videos align in a placeholder
  • Control what happens to video media if shorter than placeholder duration

Dynamic Scene Duration

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  • Shorten the duration of a scene
  • Use the duration of a media asset to shorten a scene

Metadata API

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  • Metadata API enables enquiring about scenes, libraries, storyboards and placeholders
  • Use Metadata API to upload or replace scenes programmatically

API Documentation Released

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  • The full API v2 documentation is now available
  • Generate videos with Storyboard or Scene API
  • Manage your library with Metadata API

Bug Fixes


  • Player on mobile didn't show the timebar and player controls when video was set to auto start. Fixed
  • Closed Captions didn’t start automatically when playing a video on mobile devices. Fixed
  • Vertical player now works on iPhones


  • Statistics were not reported properly for videos shorter than 30 seconds. Fixed


  • User no longer gets redirected while on quick form or tools download pages


  • Soundtrack with external source (http) no longer fails on render