New Features

Advanced Text Properties

Academy article

  • Change font, color, size in Storybuilding Suite, without having to go back to After Effects.

  • Align text inside the bounding box horizontally and vertically.

  • Decide how text should flow inside the bounding box by making it shrink, breakline, truncate, or a combination of these functions.

  • Create rich text layouts by changing font, color, highlight color, underline in different parts of the text.

  • Define fallback default value for multiple parameters, per parameter, in a single placeholder.

GDPR Compliant

  • GDPR law states that all data relating to European customers has to be held on servers inside the EU.

  • When you first register for an account with Idomoo choose which server you would like to work with.

  • Assets created in or uploaded to one territory are only available in that territory.

  • See your chosen territory in the account preferences page.

Python SDK

(Now deprecated)

  • Use Python to work with Idomoo instead of directly working with the API.

  • Manipulate video generation using Storyboards or Scenes.

  • Learn about the scenes and placeholders available to you by using metadata API through Python.

Player 19

  • Fixed player position by removing padding around the player in the iframe.

  • Better handling of browser mute policies.

  • Ability to jump to chapters in the video.

Client Side Storage

  • It is possible to save the videos generated with Idomoo on the client storage. To set this up, contact support.

  • When videos are generated they are saved with public viewing permissions. If the videos are saved on the client's storage, and that storage is on Amazon S3, we can configure for that to be private instead. contact support.

Storybuilding Suite Changes

  • Added "exist in property file" to scene logic rules in order to check if the value exists anywhere in a property file. More info about property files here.

  • In the Advanced Audio and Media Properties panel, the mute button is now more apparent as a mouse over will highlight it.

Facebook Dynamic Ads Changes

  • New objective supported: APP_INSTALLS

API Changes

API Reference

  • In video generation calls defining a landing page has moved into the video output object:

    "output": {
      "video": [
        {"landing_page_id": 65141}

  • In API generation responses "check_status_url" has been added to every output so you can track the progress of each render individually.

Bug Fixes

Storybuilding Suite

  • When audio starts at 0 and sidechain compression is on, the soundtrack only starts to dip a little later. This was fixed and the soundtrack dips right from 0.

  • When sidechain compression drops so the soundtrack is no longer audible, the soundtrack does not come back. This was fixed so the soundtrack does come back.

  • When changing image properties, the scene's preview did not get updated. You had to click the Preview button at the top right. It now updates properly.

  • Media alignment was reversed. It is now fixed.

Scene Tools

  • The version supporting Animated Text was pulled away due to other bugs. It is not available again. Download and install the latest Scene Tools to enjoy the features.

  • Middle text alignment now places the text exactly in the middle of the height of the placeholder.

  • Scene Tools installer had a problem installing on only some versions of After Effects. Fixed.