New Features

Interactive Player

Academy articles

  • Schedule end of life for old player versions. You'll be able to continue using our older players past their end of life dates, but no support will be given for them. There will no longer be any development work or fixes done on players past their end of life date. Article

  • Add chapters to player overlay

  • Player updated with latest JWPlayer code

  • When Autoplay is turned on, videos start muted

Scene Tools 2.1 Released

Academy Article

  • Animated text support

  • Full track matte support in scene comps. Use static comps in track matte pairs. Article

  • Video layers can now be placeholders. Article

  • IDM files are now smaller

  • The academy has been updated with all Scene Tools features

API Improvements

Academy Articles

  • When asking for scene metadata, all available fields are given in response

  • When asking for storyboard metadata, the name of the storyboard is also given

  • When generating videos, multiple outputs of the same type without a unique suffix will now fail

  • "check_status_url" has moved to be inside each output's link object instead of on the top level of the response

Storybuilding Suite

  • Set audio start time moved to the advanced audio properties button

  • In "Generate Videos" the Storyboard dropdown menu also shows Storyboard ID

  • There's now a Stop button when previewing audio

  • You can now lock an example storyboard in a scene library

  • Hovering over a parameter name in the parameter choice drop down menu shows the full name of the parameter

  • It is now possible to use an asset in a storyboard from all scene libraries

Bug Fixes


  • Player on mobile didn't show the timebar and player controls when video was set to auto start. Fixed

  • Closed Captions didn’t start automatically when playing a video on mobile devices. Fixed

  • Vertical player now works on iPhones

Scene Tools

  • In After Effects, audio was distorted when making an audio layer a placeholder. Fixed

  • On the Mac the system info panel was empty. You get to the system info panel by clicking the Idomoo logo on the Scene Builder panel. Fixed


  • "Starttimeoffsetuniquescene_id" didn't always work. It does now

  • Calling for a storyboard's metadata now returns parameters relating to logic as well

  • Uploading a scene that's larger than 400 Mb now results in an error

  • The thumbnail link in the storyboard information response was not accessible. It now is

  • Using Metadata API to list all scenes did not show scenes that were uploaded through API. Now they are shown as well

  • Asking for lists to be organized in descending order did not work. Fixed

  • Uploading a scene into a newly created scene library sometimes returned an error. Fixed

Storybuilding Suite

  • Customers had problems scheduling reports with an SFTP. Fixed

  • Searching whilst using Replace Scene is clearing all scenes from the interface. Fixed

  • Copying the API key in the Settings panel wasn't working. Fixed