New Features

Storybuilding Suite Enhancements

Several enhancements were added to different aspects of the Storybuilding Suite over this period. Here's a list:

  • Using the new Lightning panel (next to the Preview button), customizable parameters let's you, the user, define an Idomoo Player user interface that will enable viewers to customize their videos, making it their own. You can control which parameters will be available, and how to interface with them.
  • Using the new Lightning panel (next to the Preview button), Live Data adds the ability to automatically ask for data from various APIs and services. The response can be either plain text or a JSON object. Use jmespath expressions to access a specific value in the JSON object. The services available are: date, time, time difference, calculator, as well as any user-input URL.
  • Additions to text formatting were added to the Storybuilder. One allows to find and replace text, and the other adjusts "capitalize each word" to capitalize even after special characters such as hyphens and dots. The Academy article was updated.
  • In our Facebook Ads integration we added support for Campaign Budget Optimization, Ad Manager's budgeting definitions, and Ad Manager's scheduling definitions.
  • For enhanced security, we changed our password policy requirement to a minimum of 9 characters and at least one special character such as !@#$%^&*()_+-=[]{}|.
  • You can now create IDM scene files of upto 400Mb. We made sure you can upload that much to Scene Libraries as well.

Player Actions Additions

Academy Article

  • Pause allows to pause the video at the time defined for a set duration. It was enhanced to allow pausing until user clicks. This works on player actions and interactive placeholders as well.
  • New interactive action: trigger event. This allows for the player to trigger an event in the landing page, such as an HTML pop-up.
  • Placeholders that were set up in After Effects to have a transparency of 0 can still be used for Player Actions, allowing for transparent clickable placeholders.

Analytics Dashboard Enhancements

  • You can now add tags to storyboards inside the Storybuilder, which you will be able to see in your analytics dashboard. This is a great way to segment your video renders for easy analysis.
  • The default date format changed from US standard to dd mmm yyyy, for example: 05 April 2020 instead of 04/05/2020.

Idomoo Player Enhancements

  • The player's player controls are now ADA compliant for screen readers and keyboard accessible according to WebAIM standards.
  • The player's interactive placeholders and chapters are now ADA compliant for screen readers and keyboard accessible according to WebAIM standards.
  • To support the customizable menu in the player, use the new "show_customize" player parameter with a value from this list: on_start, on_end, on_click.
  • To make sure clicking the screen is only used for interactivity, use the new "click_to_pause" player parameter. "enable" value causes the player to pause on video area click. Default is "disable".
  • Added support for .gif playback.
  • Player now tries to load a video 3 times in case of network error.
  • Set the new "fade_control_bar_on_pause" player parameter to "true" to fade the control bar when a playback paused.
  • Added "share_button" player parameter to control displaying of the "share" icon.
  • The new "fluid_mode" player parameter activates player adjustment to the video size.

API Enhancements

Idomoo's API has also Received some love. Here is the list of changes:

  • The values in the IDM are now the default values. Not sending a value that's not mandatory means the default value from the IDM is used. This means if you want the IDM to look just like how it was created in AE, just send the scene number and nothing else.
  • Metadata API now gives you information about the Landing Pages you have in your account. Just GET /landing_pages.
  • Our GET account information endpoint now returns more data, namely what environment your account is on, and what your concurrency limits are.

Other Platform Enhancements

  • There's been a big overhaul in our rendering engine. This adds speeds and efficiency never encountered before. Just try it.

Bug Fixes

Storybuilding Suite

  • In Idomoo's Facebook ads integration the Education and Work demographics for targeting were missing. They exist now.
  • Fixed a bug in the analytics dashboard where storyboards without a thumbnail were not added to the list of storyboards in the filter menu.
  • Fixed a bug in the analytics dashboard where tags were sometimes displayed as a list ("tag1, tag2") instead of separate items in the drop-down menu.
  • In the analytics dashboard some tags would appear multiple times in the drop-down menu. No more.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from receiving scheduled reports from analytics by email. Previously configured reports will now go out as scheduled (daily, weekly, monthly).

Platform and API

  • We had an HLS playback bug on some systems (Safari/Sierra/High Sierra). Now fixed.
  • Some videos rendered in hls had audible clicking sounds. No longer.
  • When viewing some hls videos on iOS the videos appeared to be longer than they are. After some tweaking they appeared as they should.
  • Fixed a timing calculation issue to do with "duration_upto_unique_scene_id" on some edge cases.
  • We had some bugs relating to API concurrency which have been fixed.
  • If captions are requested during generation, but not even a single .txt file exists for defining captions, the API layer now fails the request. Before the API layer did not fail the request, but the generation was still stuck later, with no explanation.

Scene Tools and Graphics

  • A middle vertical alignment issue in the case of breakline and shrink working together was fixed.
  • Images uploaded from a mobile phone might have appeared rotated in the video. Not anymore, as we fixed it.