New Features

Player Actions

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Use interactivity to make it easy to discover new topics, register for an event, complete a survey, or simply get the right information to each viewer. A call-to-action takes on new meaning as your audience actively engages with your content, all without taking their eyes off the video!

  • Add a menu at the top of the screen to jump to different chapters with ease.
  • Create buttons with titles right in Storybuilding Suite.
  • Turn placeholders to clickable areas and drive interactivity with any design and animation.
  • Follow up on user behavior in Idomoo Analytics.
  • Player Actions only work with Idomoo Player 2.0

Idomoo Player 2.0

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Introducing Player 2.0, the new generation of personalized video playing experience. Just like the old generation Idomoo player (player 19) it is designed to perfectly fit the Idomoo platform and it keeps on updating to align with browser policies that are changing from time to time.

  • The new Idomoo Player 2.0 is lighter and more flexible.
  • Built for real-time generated personalized video.
  • Support all type of video formats (Vertical, Horizontal, Square...)
  • Enables quick implementation into existing or new web pages.
  • Has a built-in integration with Idomoo analytics.
  • Adds Player Actions support.
  • Adds a parameter to enable not showing control bar.

New Analytics

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Introducing our new analytics dashboard, designed to give you a deeper and more comprehensive view of how customers are engaging with your video.
Reach new insights into your audience with expanded filtering capabilities. You can now filter by new categories, aggregating different storyboards into one report, adjust statistic time to a relevant time zone and so much more!

API Error Handling

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Idomoo's API error handling has received a big, and much needed, overhaul. Where the errors were unclear, they were made clearer. Where an error was missing, it was added. Enjoy an easier to use API!

Storybuilding Suite Enhancements

Several enhancements were added to different aspects of the Storybuilding Suite over this period. Here's a list:

  • Each asset page (Storyboards, Scene Libraries, Landing Pages) load only 15 assets at a time to speed up load times. Scroll down and more are loaded.
  • Audit Logs for platform use were added so that support can know what happened when, in case you need to know.
  • An error message now appears when scenes made using Scene Tools and scenes made using Space Tools are mixed. A video can't be generated using scenes made with a combination of Scene and Space Tools.
  • Quality dropdown menu in "Generate Videos" section, batch tab, changed from SD, HD, Full HD to 640 x 360, 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080
  • Browsing inside the multi language or font settings remembers the last selected location.
  • Replace a scene with another is now allowed if both hold the same aspect ratio but different resolution.
  • Time format has been unified in all places of the interface.

More Styles in IDM Layer Styles

This next version of IDM Layer Styles now includes:

  • Drop Shadow
  • Outer Glow

It might take a little bit of time to get the rest of the styles over, but these two are so useful, you'll have a blast with them.

Scene Tools 2.4

Some small Scene Tools enhancements:

  • Scene Tools now supports After Effects 2020
  • Scene Builder won't create IDMs that are bigger than the maximum we allow to upload. Instead, you will get a warning saying the IDM size is to big.
  • When packaging, the results now have a new user interface, showing which scenes were packaged and which were not.
  • Idomoo only supports TTF and OTF fonts. A font file type validation was added to Scene Builder.
  • Idomoo only allows for bitmap based images, rather than vector based. Scene Builder won't allow illustrator files as layers anymore.
  • Scene Viewer now displays scene resolution.
  • The Save Screenshot option in Scene Viewer saves the alpha channel as well, if it exists.

Other Platform Enhancements

Idomoo's platform doesn't start and end with Storybuilding Suite and Scene Tools. Here's some more work we did behind the scenes:

  • There were some big changes in how we render audio, which reduced time-to-watch by up to 1000%.
  • We have separated the rendering environment for old projects created with Space Tools. This ensures they keep on rendering for those clients that won't want to upgrade their projects to Scene Tools.
  • You can now use special characters such as apostrophes, dashes, umlauts and what-not, in asset file names. Wünderbar!
    *Wunderbar isn't really spelled like that, but I needed to illustrate my point.

Bug Fixes

Platform and API

  • While upgrading our audio rendering capabilities, we blocked some filename characters from working. We fixed that quite quickly after.
  • In Scene API calls it wasn't possible to use "start_time_offset_unique_scene_id" without "start_time_offset_seconds", though it should have be OK. Now it is OK.
  • In Scene APi calls, when "duration_in_seconds" is larger than "scene_start_in_seconds" in "non-linear" timelines user got an error, though they shouldn't necessarily. Now they do only when necessary.

Scene Tools and Graphics

  • When packaging multiple IDMs with one click existing IDM files were replaced without asking. Now you're asked.
  • When packaging two or more scenes in one click, and they use the same image, packaging cancels for no good reason. It doesn't any more.
  • If the user name for logging into your computer had specialized characters in it, like š, the packaging process wouldn't have worked. We like being inclusive to all our users, so we fixed this. Sorry Matouš.
  • There we some issues with IDM Layer Styles and Trackmattes used together. They were resolved.
  • Text animations without keyframes didn't work properly. They do now.
  • On some systems text animations won't be exported until a specific script is loaded manually. Manually? What are we in 2005? It's all automatic from now on.
  • When the range selector in text animation is switched off, it remains switched off in the IDM after exporting.
  • Some font rendering issues were fixed for specific fonts.
  • On some scene resolutions a green line would appear on the bottom of frames. Maybe green doesn't suit your project, so it will no longer appear.
  • You'd sometimes get a Time Remapping error, though layer has no time remapping. This was fixed.
  • Gaussian Blur's repeat edge pixels behaved incorrectly.
  • Using breakline and shrink together on text placeholders sometimes resulted in unexpected behaviors. Fixed.